Reality is Ponies

My Name is Ivan,

I like to think of myself an individual, even though it doesn't work out sometimes HAHA. I draw, play keyboard, and live occasionally. (on other occasions Im dead.. duh BRAIIINSS) I want to think that life is free and easy to live in even if its not true, sometimes... Other times yes. 60% of the time, Every time. Searching this life for a purpose? 18 is a short time to live life to the fullest and way to short of a time to find a place in life. Enough time to write a stupid paragraph about it though. Figures...

Ive lived in Moscow, Russia till I was 7 then moved to Blacksburg Virginia, USA. In Virginia I grew up and it became a second home. Till 14, so another 7 years, with the last two in a town next to it called Salem. I learned Piano and felt in part. I left the state and moved away to Roswell Atlanta. Blech... Atlanta... (Found a girlfriend here now I don't wanna leave every, sadnesss) Learned to love this city! I cant imagine living here without her.

I still miss Virginia occasional.

Now I attend North Springs Charter High, a magnet art school. Through its a relief to go to an art school, it is hard to have a consistent friend. (Mostly because people are bitches and I dont want to be around them) And the friends that you do find are off to different classes or socially preoccupied with there group of people. Drama, Art or Music. Sure that's it.

I reside in martins landing, kinda boring. I have a friend, Nick, that lives next to me. Chill out on Fridays after school.. talk. My other close friend, Jake, lives in Tuxford.. I spent my summer with him and his friend Collin.

My Girlfriend Victoria has been with me since November 17th 2010, its been a wonderful year with her. She is my little zaika and is the cutest girl ever. She likes ponies and pumpkins and is my best friend. If you know what I mean :) (and If you dont, listen to that song with the lyrics that go "Im in love with my best friend la la la la la" its a good song haha)

Senior 18. Next Birthday 11/11/12 at 11:11.

Check out my art

If you want a picture.. pay me. Unless we are friend. Then feed me.
Pain is permanent, suffering is optional. House